Loyalty Is Everything

3MC Car club, inc.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

– Edward Everett Hale

Welcome to our Organization

3MC Car Club, inc. is a 501(c)(3) awarded non-profit automobile organization for car owners that share a passion and love for Mopar. We strive to change the image of car clubs, while promoting self-respect and boosting morale amongst our members and our community. 

Get to know us

3MC Car Club, Inc. was founded in early February 2009, in Savannah, GA by our founder Joe “300”. The name 3MC came about because it was the first letter of each car, so finally 3MC was agreed upon. An, the first Executive board was established; with Joseph “300” as chapter President, Sean R. as Vice President, Donta B. as Sergeant-at-Arms, Kevin S. as Secretary, and Sanquorm M. as chapter Treasurer.

Throughout the early years, our organization became recognized by the car culture in the Savannah/Fort Stewart area. 3MC Car Club, Inc. still held to their founders’ purpose, and that was to participate in events that were giving back to community.

In 2012, Mike C., who was secretary of the GA chapter relocated to Jacksonville, NC. Mike contacted the GA president at that time about starting his own chapter; a few hours later he received a called back giving him the go-ahead. An, on September 1, 2012 the Jacksonville, NC chapter was established and was open for recruitment. During this time that mike was in NC, Brandon “ATL” became the Savannah Chapter President. Mike and Brandon worked closely to keep the purpose and reason for our club to grow and prosper.

Then in July 2014, 3MC Car Club, Inc. was divided into two regions; Mike served as the Eastern Region President and Brandon served as the Southern Region president.

In early part of 2015, two members of the Jacksonville chapter moved; one to Augusta, GA and the other to Virginia Beach. While in their separate locations, they both wanted to establish a chapter of their own. So, in February 2015 the Augusta Chapter was established and in April 2015 the Virginia Beach chapter was established.

It was during this time that 3MC transitioned from a car club to an organization. Then in March 2015, “Joe” contacted Mike and relinquished his authority, giving Mike soul authority. It was during this time that same year, the first National Board was created. Later that year, the national board wanted build and strengthen the communication and information sharing among the organization, and the Board of Directors was established.

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Member spot light

2019 Annual Chapters Meeting/ 10 YR Anniversary celebration

Member Spotlight


Dependability: Mr. D, GA

Standout: Jerz, Virginia Beach

Achievement: Jade, NC

SENATE Awards:

Leadership: Frazier, TN

Impact: Panama, GA

Influence: Trell, NC


Community Service: Augusta

Exceed Expectations: Buffalo

Impact: Chattanooga


Nate; NC


Jade; NC