3MC Buffalo, NY

About our Chapter

We are aiming to be a club of social people, that have a love for cars and there community.

We want to bring car enthusiast together to help develop our communities. We are where we are today through the support and network of our local neighborhoods. By having fundraisers, charity events, school supply drives, and so much more, we will positively influence the upcoming generation to follow in our footsteps

Positive Influence

When people get together and make a positive impact on the lives of other people, that's what makes the difference

The Love of Mopar

When you get together with the same individuals that share the same passion as yourself, it becomes like a family, it's really empowering when you're surrounded with people who share that

Making a Difference

Working together, we create a foundation for growth; which is more effective than an individual working alone

Email: 3mc.carclub.buffalo.ny@gmail.com

Phone: President (716) 545-3056