3MC Dallas, GA

Get to Know Our Chapter

We strive to improve the quality of life for others through service and advocacy while helping to build stronger communities.

3MC Dallas was founded in January of 2019, we wanted to bring something positive to our city and what better way of doing that than through the passion we have for cars and the love we have for Mopar.  We strive as an organization to better our community through volunteer work, assisting other non-profit organizations and showing our youth positivity. While helping those who need help and upholding the standards of the 3MC name.

“Blood makes you related Loyalty makes you family” is a message that we stand behind because of the genuineness of the statement; because without loyalty and family none of this is possible.

More about us


We are a self-motivated organization of driven individuals who’s focus is on uplifting and empowering the community and the people in it, young and old.


As an organization we want to inspire our youth, each other and the community to see the good in people, regardless of their situation.


We are an organization of diverse personalities with the common love of Mopar, family and community.