Augusta, GA

About Our Chapter

Here in Augusta, we want to establish and maintain the chapter as the premier, family-oriented group of car enthusiasts centered around the Mopar LX-based line of vehicles. We strive to promote family and loyalty to each other while bringing credit upon our local chapter, the 3MC organization and the community in which we live and have a relationship with.

We want to engage like-minded individuals in the Central Savannah River Area, that not only enjoys the car culture but also to assist us in our charity-based initiatives.


We aim to work with community administrators and policy-makers to build a system to support individuals and their own goals and personal interests.



Family is important to all of us, that’s why we center and focus on values that has suitable behaviors and influences needed to interact with a positive atmosphere.


Car Enthusiasts

A passion and love for the Mopar LX-based line of vehicles; who shares a great interest in modifying them, working on them and admires the style and performance.