3MC Car Club, Inc. consist of individuals that share a focus on advancing themselves and a continuous improvement within their communities. We provide an opportunity to allow our members to grow by supporting self-actualizations, professional development and interpersonal communication.

Membership is open to anyone with a Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger, Dodge Magnum, and Dodge Challenger.

Membership Class


Active members, often referred to as Full Members, are members who enjoy all the rights and privileges of membership and who can demonstrate the principles and philosophy outlined by the bylaws of the organization.


Honorary members are members who would like to contribute to the advancement of the principles and philosophy to further the organization’s goals and purpose.


Affiliate members are members who are not eligible for regular membership but the organization cares to honor for their service, support and participation.


How do I go about joining?

Best way to join, is to contact a chapter near you, or you can send us a message through the inquiry button or through our social media

Is there a form I must complete before I can Join?

Yes, any individual who has expressed any intent to join must fill out an application. The application contains basic information and provides an outline of your membership expectations.

DO I have to join right away?

No, we offer an opportunity to interact with organizational members; such as participate in evets, join on rides, etc. This opportunity also allows you time to get a feel for how you will fit within the organization.

What happens if I have to put my joining on hold?

That is perfectly fine, what will happen is your application will be kept and held for 90-days. At the end of 90-days the organization and you will revisit your application and make an informed decisions from there.

What happens after I join?

Once your accepted for membership; each new member is placed on a 45- day observation status. This is 45-day period serves as an evaluation process, to evaluate how your conduct and professionalism will be a future member.

Will there be someone to help me during my observation time?

Yes, each new member is assigned a mentor, who will assist with information sharing and provide guidance on how to make timely and well-reasoned decisions as a future member.