3MC Chattanooga, TN

About Us

Our goal is to grow our family and to leave a positive impact on everyone in our community. Also, to display a positive image to show our youth.

In 2017 we wanted to bring something positive to our community and to grow our community closer together. Our chapter is focused on providing a lasting impression that develops skills that improve the quality of life of others. This is accomplished through the positive impact of the less fortunate, and also helping grow small local owned business.

Our Chapter


Many times, we need reminded of the many ways we can make a difference. An we are willing to do something about in hope to see a better world.


Despite differences of opinion and style, we all come together to improve relationships and attitudes to make an impact.


A since of selfless dedication that is motivated by the willingness to help others. Through the positive ability and the satisfaction that is making the community a better place.