Hafa Adai! from 3MC Guam

About us

3MC Guam merges the love of Mopar and various cultures from around the world, military and civilian alike, with the Chamorro culture of the Island of Guam.

We uphold the values of Family and impact the Island, through community support through monthly volunteer. All while maintaining the positive image of Car Clubs on Guam.


When you have individuals that provides love, support and values to each other. It encourages the value of inafa'maolek, or "to make good" by having someone who you can count on.


When to put others before yourself and share a sense of commitment to one another; through the rough times and the amazing times. You create a bond of trust, support, and generosity that is meaningful.


Believing in yourself and what you can accomplish establishes a sense of Minesngon and Respetu; by working hard to reach your goals and gain what it means to show respect to others.